About Us

My Sunshine Studios is a reflection of everything I believe in.  I started my company because I wanted stylish and non-toxic accessories for my little ones to chomp on.  When I couldn't find anything I liked, I simply started making necklaces for my own babies.  My business grew as organically as my commitment to natural parenting, breastfeeding, and homeopathy.  As friends noticed how these cute necklaces soothed my littles, they also wanted one.  Before I knew it, I was growing my community of natural parenting friends on Etsy, too.  Making teething jewelry just feels right.  
Some companies may see teething necklaces and baby wearing as another demographic trend to chase, but this is my life.  I am a breastfeeding and baby wearing advocate because I see first hand how important it is to nurture our little ones.  My son Emmett and my new baby Ezra have both tried many of my designs, and I love that my Etsy business gives me the freedom to be a stay at home mom while also creating something other moms need.  
My Sunshine Studios feels less like a business and more like a wonderful extension of my community.  Each of my customers feels like a friend, and new moms often reach out to me for parenting advice.  I love answering questions about my products and sharing the joy of life with littles with others.  While soothing babies is the number one goal of my business, I make sure my necklaces are cute and trendy so moms can feel great, too!  Taking care of moms is part of taking care of babies, after all.
 My life is wonderfully busy, but never rushed.  My family is the center of my world, and I am blessed to have a supportive husband.  We work together to raise our chickens, work in our garden, and prepare organic, whole food meals for our little family.  We take time to play with our dogs and laugh as a family every day.  It's so easy to get stuck rushing to wait in traffic and miss all the good stuff.  I quit my day job awhile ago to stay home with the kids and savor simple pleasures.  I am so blessed, and I feel like every time I send another piece of jewelry out I am sharing a piece of my happy life with a new friend.  I know that I'm sending out a little bit of calm to another mom. 
XoXo, Michele
Thank you for stopping by and learning a little bit about My Sunshine Studios and my supportive family.  I'm so glad you're here.